Social Media

The evolution of the Internet has changed the rules of our business. Through blogs, bulletin boards, and other online social networking activities, the Internet allows like-minded people to connect and share their positive and negative experiences with the world.

Social media is an evolution of the internet and facilitates conversations between people online, not just one-way information broadcasting. Many social media sites have a feedback mechanism, allowing users to create profiles that link to other users, or allow users to create new content. Effective campaigns must generate awareness and influence by harnessing the power of the “every person,” leveraging the reach of their chain of influence among their peers.

There are a vast array of online and social media sites and platforms, digital communication tools and applications that enable people to share their thoughts and opinions, both positive and negative. Once expressed, those thoughts and opinions have the potential to spread throughout the web, gaining traction and garnering attention along the way. Like any organization engaging in the online and social media space, your brand needs increased visibility of the industry conversations taking place. This fact is even more true when those conversations are related to strategic issues and have the potential to become a positive action towards company goals or adversely, negatively impact the brand. Additionally, when an online conversation about related commentary in your industry does take place, your brand should be equipped with clear and consistent protocols to engage the appropriate stakeholders in determining if and how to respond in the online and social media space.

We assist brands by offering:

  • Community Management
  • Ambassador Programs
  • Influencer Outreach
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Content Creation (copy/imagery/video)


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