Michael Crabtree – It’s On 30sec Promo

May 25, 2016
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Michael Crabtree – It’s On 30sec Promo

It was such a pleasure working on this video and to have a front row view as to how hard Michael is working toward this 49er season. This 30sec promo is just a sneak peek to a full 4min version of his 3day training in Abilene.

The Approach

We began with answering the key questions posed in our challenge by concluding that the video needed to capture the following attributes: 1. The intensity of the training. 2. His attitude and dedication. 3. The quality of his character through his perseverance.

The Process

After identifying what, exactly we wanted to communicate and how we wanted our audience to feel; we decided that the key to a successful end product, which captured Michael’s journey, would be to use strong visual footage and audio that complimented and enhanced these visuals. We had less than a weekend to turn this video out. We spent countless, tedious hours pouring through footage to find clips that fit all three of our key attributes; ones that we felt would encapsulate exactly what we wanted to convey with this project. Once we narrowed down the final clips, we put forth an equal amount of effort in seeking out audio that would enhance our already powerful video.

The Result

Michael and his team were extremely pleased with our promo. It communicated to his fans, not to mention his competition, that he was a dedicated professional who has fought hard to be where his is. Our video also helped to cultivate a connection between the viewer and film; it gave him a sense of humanity, so that each person felt connected to his journey on a personal, tangible level. It brought his story to life..