Mobile Solutions

What do we consider ‘Mobile’?

It’s anything that we do on the go, whether that’s with a smart phone, tablet, e-reader device, in-car, or looking forward to wearable’s and connected devices. It’s more a lifestyle than a device. Read more on our blog post, “The Impact Of Mobile”.

Mobile presents massive opportunities for companies, yet many have not dipped their toe in its waters while others have failed to truly leverage all that mobile behavior and technologies offer.

Alive Digital experts are astute, curious partners that help you understand how mobility can enrich your business, from boosting communications to cutting costs. Whether you are still to take your first step along the journey or have begun the process, we are quality allies that you can trust to understand your situation, challenge your thinking, and ultimately create comprehensive mobile solutions that deliver on your objectives.

Some people come to us because they want solutions that are going to save them money. For others it’s about better and constant two-way communication with audiences that matter to them. From better market research to enhancing marketing effectiveness, from increasing sales to training, our tools and services offer everything you need to take advantage of the mobile environment.

Whatever you’re after the Alive Digital team can get your business moving in mobile. From building apps and websites to promotion and training, we are here to help.

Alive Digital designs all solutions for current technology and easy extendibility, so you can adapt more quickly as technology changes. As a rule, our solutions automatically adjust for maximum compatibility with the phones, tablets, or just about any connected device.

  • iPhone/iPad/Apple Watch Apps
  • Android Phone and Tablet Apps
  • Blackberry/Windows Apps
  • Location Based Solutions
  • Web Solutions
  • Mobile Marketing/Advertising
  • Augmented Reality & Location Awareness
  • Text Message Content Delivery (SMS)
  • Wallet Solutions


Give us shout. If you're just trying to figure out what to do and who to work with, or if you are ready to pull the trigger, talking is a great starting point.