Discovery, Create, Innovation, Launch, Service, Measure and Reinforce — These words are more than a great sounding mantra, they are a guide to how we approach projects. Alive has a proven phased system we use to discover problems and develop streamlined multimedia solutions.

  • Our outlined schedule helps you always know when and where in the process you are.
  • Clear objectives keep everyone on target.
  • Ongoing discovery allows us to adapt our strategies to fit your changing needs.
  • Our multimedia approach results in optimized and integrated solutions.
  • Continued training and service support you after the project is complete.

We begin by defining the goal, outlining requirements, and identifying the key issues which our solution must resolve. This helps us create a dynamic plan of attack for the rest of the project. As we move into the next stage, we begin to innovate to meet your needs, keeping in mind that we are always in the process of discovery. We build our solutions based on both our plan of attack and your evolving requirements. If the marketplace changes or we discover new requirements you have from our solutions, our strategy adapts. Finally, we shift the project into a final stage. We equip you to fully utilize the strategy we outlined and implemented together. We perform necessary maintenance of our products and establish a lasting relationship with clients.

Alive’s - Phased Process

Our discovery phase starts with listening to our clients, asking questions, learning about their industry and then listening some more. We want to help our clients clearly define the problems they are facing so our solutions are built with real results as the goal. This is our brainstorming stage to determine how we can use design, communication and technology to help achieve your goals. Working with the client, we decide which solutions are the best fit for the client's needs.
The Creation phase is where we begin to execute all of the great ideas that came out of our Discovery phase. Our designers and developers get busy flexing their creative muscles to produce the amazing solutions that are found in Alive's body of work.
The Innovation phase is what separates Alive from the rest, we keep this phase close to the vest. But what we can disclose is that it is our goal to push the envelope of integrated media. We pride ourselves with taking information from our first 2 phases and developing a solution that meets and exceeds all expectations.
Alive is proud to say that we deliver on time and on budget and we know that organization and structure is critical at every phase of the process to make it happen. Launching is both the finish line for the creation and innovation phases as well as the starting line of the service phase for our clients.
We understand that a successful launch is only complete when a follow up strategy and maintenance plan is in place. We make sure that all of our projects and clients are supported at the highest level and take care to deliver top notch service on demand.
Alive strongly suggests that goals of a project are reviewed consistently and measured against audience and consumer exposure when receiving and using new solutions.
Clients must regularly reinforce the presence and connection of their solutions to their audience and make adjustments along the way. This ensures long term success of the project and, over time, this should lead back to the discovery phase to continue the process of engagement with your audience in fresh, new and innovative ways.